Reasons to Use Novire

#1 Novire Protects Your Assets
If a vehicle is stolen, you can know immediately and automatically disable it with Novire's immobilization service. Compression and temperature sensors prevent refrigeration failures, ensuring perishable assets reach their destination.

#2 Novire Prevents Abuse and Ensures Safety
Fuel monitoring will immediately notify you of any fuel pilferage, load balance, and velocity can make sure that your vehicle is loaded and driven safely to ensure safety and longevity.

#3 Novire Optimizes Routes and Score Cards
Our fleet management software lets you see the route your drivers take, allowing you to use route optimization and gauge truck and driver performance for review.

#4 Novire Improves Vehicle Efficiency
Route optimization allows you to minimize vehicle downtime by showing you exactly when and where your vehicle is being underutilized.

#5 Novire Tracks Orders During Transit
Novire tracking gives you accurate and real-time estimates of shipping times and can provide instant alerts to customers and warehouses of arrival times or delays so you can improve dispatch efficiency.

#6 Novire Improves Supply Chain Management
Novire works with some of the world's best supply chain organizations to provide logistics solutions using GPS fleet management software. We integrate with your existing planning system (ERP or SCM) for seamless and synchronous planning. Monthly performance reviews allows you to make informed decisions about your fleet and drivers, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

#7 Novire's Always Connected
You don't have to worry about downtime with Novire's equipment. Battery backups and our devoted Device Uptime Control Centre have you covered. The battery lasts 10-15 days without power and takes only minutes to install.

#8 Novire Helps You
Our Application Support Centre can help you with any concerns as they arise. We have 5,000 installations running PAN India serving many different business segments.

#9 Novire Has Services for Any Industry
Novire's vehicle tracking and analytic services can be optimized specifically for your industry.