About Us


Novire Technologies was founded in 2004. We are GPS automated vehicle tracking solution providers.

At Novire we focus all of our efforts on delivering solutions and services that bring bottom-line benefits to our customers. We're passionate about leading the charge and setting the standards for the new generation of technology. The world is a rapidly changing and global changing landscape marked by unprecedented complexity. Increased global trade makes Asset tracking a very complicated and complex phenomenon and customer expectations continue to rise. For the next generation Companies to survive they need to collaborate more effectively with their key trading partners—carriers, suppliers, or customers—to drive maximum efficiencies while delivering world-class service. In order to do that they need to be able to track and monitor their assets.

Real time and at All times organizations must consider these business processes more strategically and look for more refined and adaptable closed-loop solutions.

We enable companies to intelligently monitor and manage their businesses, with reduced risks and costs. By deploying Novire’s Application solutions can be implemented quickly and seamlessly. The products have been built will keep us as a clear market leader. These solutions consistently create quantifiable value by synchronizing those critical transportation and distribution processes across multiple modes, enterprises, and borders, while driving optimal operating efficiencies and greater service performance.

Novire’s Asset tracking offers a unique set of solutions that are designed to provide tracking, execution, management and monitoring of all or any asset remotely. The company uses configurable business rules and real time constraints to create a solution that is helps our clients to reduce costs, improve transport efficiency.

This leads to

  • Proactive monitoring of all assets, with in-built transit visibility
  • Analytical and comprehensive reporting features
  • Achieve significant transportation cost savings