Why Novire ?


“Are you losing money?”

Novire combines GPS technology, cutting-edge software, and management tools to deliver solutions that protect against theft of and damage to assets, misuse of vehicles, and lost time and fuel. Our solutions let you deliver real-time product tracking to your customers and supervisors, creating a smooth, optimized delivery schedule and supply chain.

Novire works with some of the world’s best supply chain organizations to bring you the cleverest logistics solutions using GPS tracking and fleet management software. We integrate with your existing planning system (ERP or SCM) for seamless and synchronous planning, allowing you to track orders during transit. Get a Monthly Fleet Performance Review to make informed decisions about your fleet and drivers.

The battery backups and our devoted Device Uptime Control Centre prevent downtime and system failure. Our Application Support Centre can help you with any concerns you have as they arise. We have around 5,000 installations running PAN India.

Benefits of Using Novire
For Transporters, Manufacturers, and Customers:

  • Protect Assets: Solutions like Novire Protect and Protect Perishables allow you make sure that your assets stay safe, reducing theft and damage.
  • Optimized Routes and Score Cards: Our fleet management software lets you see the route your drivers take, allowing you to use route optimization and gauge truck and
    driver performance for review.
  • More Trips Per Day: Route optimization gives you more trips per day.
  • Order Tracking: GPS tracking lets you give estimated time of arrival and delay alerts to customers and warehouses, so you can improve dispatch efficiency.
  • Increase in movement of Cash Cycle.
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