1. Patrolling:
Remote vehicle tracking and monitoring can help you see and manage your fuel levels, vehicle velocity, load balancing, and vehicle location. A customized dashboard presents this information so that you can quickly process the information you need, and update customers on the location of your assets. Our Android-based mobile application lets you see the location, speed, and load balancing of your trucks no matter where you are.
Our technology compiles an analytical report to help you see what needs to change. If your trucks are late or using too much fuel, we’ll help you find the right route, speed, and load balance for your vehicles through this report.

2. Protect Perishables:
In addition to the GPS device, we can install remote temperature sensors that allow you to monitor the ambient temperature of your assets and to prevent lost stock due to fluctuating vehicle temperatures. You can change the temperature remotely, from wherever you are. Compression can also be tracked and remotely controlled by both the viewer and the driver.

3. Portable Solution:
Novire’s portable solution works on its own battery, keeping you and your trucks up and running even when your power supply is unreliable. You can get fleet location information while power from your phone. The battery lasts 10-15 days without power, but it can be extended. It only takes a minute to install or uninstall the device on a truck or other vehicle.

4. Preserve Fuel:
You can achieve real-time visibility of fuel using Novire Preserve Fuel. Cross check fuel usage with the mileage of the truck, or protect against fuel theft/pilferage. You can get an sms or email alert for any unexpected drop in fuel level, alerting you to potential pilferage or vehicle malfunction. Combined with Novire Protect, Preserve Fuel lets you prevent theft and better maintain your vehicles.

5. Novire Protect:
Using Novire Protect, you can remotely immobilize or mobilize vehicles. If your truck or vehicle has been stolen, is taking the wrong route, or has the Novire device tampered with, an automatic S.O.S. signal will stop the vehicle. Novire Protect includes driver verification to prevent unauthorized drivers from using your vehicles. Two-way communication between you and the driver allows you to stay up to date on the truck’s status, keeping your drivers and vehicles safe from theft and harm.