Uses of Novire GPS Tracking and Fleet Management In Construction
Are you getting the most out of your equipment?
Our One Source Fleet solution gives construction equipment manufacturers, owners, and contractors the ability to manage their workflow like never before. Get real-time information on your equipment location, start-stop, engine runtimes, and cycle counts across India from one central location. Synchronize your critical transportation and distribution processes across multiple modes, enterprises and borders while optimizing efficiencies and providing greater service performance.

Our GPS and IES tracking and monitoring solutions will keep you up to date on the whereabouts of all your machinery regardless of location and remotely monitor on/off/idle status, engine temperature, oil pressure, total engine hours, and help you control pilferage by monitoring fuel usage and consumption patterns for various equipment. Set phone or email alerts to instantly alert you to equipment failures, unexpected drops in fuel levels, and unauthorized use or movements.

You’ll have a complete system for mobile resource management as powerful as it is easy to use, helping you improve the productivity and profitability of your construction projects. This comprehensive solution will also help you control costs and improve services by providing a central database for scheduled repairs, replacements, and maintenance of equipment.

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