What is GPS?
GPS stands for Global Position Satellite, a technology that many businesses have used for years to implement real-time tracking. Novire uses GPS technology to deliver updates about the location of your vehicles or shipping containers wherever they are. You can use GPS to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicles, track vehicle speed, and make real time estimates of arrival times from your computer or phone.

GPS works by sending signals from satellites that report the time and location of a satellite in high orbit. When a receiver in your vehicle or smartphone gets signals from these satellites, it can calculate the precise location and elevation of the receiver.

Novire uses this technology to send instant reports by email or SMS if your vehicles take unauthorized routes, make unscheduled stops, or even if they are violating speed limits. Novire technologies also use data from GPS-enabled vehicles to track shipping time, reduce down-time, and select faster routes. This can improve your vehicles' efficiency, add value, and save money.